Cannaverse Technologies Teams Up with Bevnology to Become the First Strategic B2B Partner and Community Member in Cannaland

Mar 13, 2023

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NASSAU, BAHAMAS / March 13, 2023/ $CNLT/ CANNALAND, the immersive,  cannabis-themed metaverse platform built for the global cannabis community and launched by CannaverseTech™,  is excited to announce its first Strategic B2B Partner and Cannaland Community Member, Bevnology.

Bevnology is a leading formulation and product design group with new state of the art facilities dedicated to the global beverage industry, including non-alcoholic cannabis drink development and formulation in liquid, powder,  extract, and other formats. Bevnology is the development and manufacturing source behind one of the world’s leading innovators in drug delivery platforms and creates industy-leading beverage products with superior best-in class formulations. Added Mark Bonner, CEO of CannaverseTech ($CNLT) added, “We are excited to announce that  Bevnology will be featured in Cannaland as a member of the vibrant business community, offering a virtual  laboratory for the development of new cannabis products (THC, CB’s, Hemp based) and other non-cannabis beverages, designed and influenced with input by the Cannaland cannabis community, followed by introduction in the real physical world and offered to retailers and dispensaries where legal. Bevnology fits the vision of the type of  B2B companies we are seeking for Cannaland as they have helped to advance the cannabis industry through partnerships with adult use products that promote stability, potency accuracy, and product purity, along with a  great reputation, and successful track record.

According to Louis Heinsz, Co-Founder of Bevnology, “the Cannaland opportunity offers us a new market for exploration and learning, unlike anything else we have previously done since it is involved in blockchain technology and operates in a virtual space versus the physical world we know today. Imagine the ability to have a global platform that attracts a world audience of cannabis enthusiasts, interact with them live, and gain insights from them that ultimately helps shape the future development of products that we put back into the marketplace. We  see that as a tremendous opportunity to learn and deploy new solutions.”

“The official launch date for Cannaland will be announced soon and will include a scaled down version of our larger planned virtual community and launched as a beta test,” said Mark Bonner.

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About Cannaverse Technologies

Cannaverse Technologies ($CNLT), the creator of Cannaland™, the world’s first cannabis Metaverse and pioneer in cannabis product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising with an innovative blockchain payment system, is empowering cultivators, growers, testing labs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical dispensaries, and consumption lounges with the ability to scale and monetize their brands while directly addressing the existing gaps in the cannabis industry. Cannaversetech™’s meta marketplace on the blockchain revolutionizes the global cannabis industry by connecting every facet of the cannabis and hemp communities in a Metaverse environment. For more information, visit

About Bevnology

Bevnology is a leading beverage development and advisory company focusing on providing top-notch formulation and commercialization services of cutting-edge beverage products for both new and existing brands.  Bevnology’s outside-the-box thinking and creative product development innovation have earned them the top position in the beverage industry. The team at Bevnology each has over 30 years of beverage development and beverage design experience in the Beverage Industry. For more information: or contact:  [email protected]

Media Contact: Gonzalo De Aristgui 1-404-692-1221 SOURCE: Bevnology

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