Cannaverse Technologies Announces Matthew Morgan as Cannabis Industry Advisor

May 18, 2022

Cannabis pioneer and metaverse entrepreneur joins Cannaversetech™ to provide vital industry vision and experience

NASSAU, Bahamas, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cannaverse Technologies (“Cannaversetech™”) today announced the appointment of Matthew Morgan as the company’s cannabis industry advisor for its Cannaland project, the leading cannabis Metaverse platform. Matthew’s deep knowledge and track record of success in the cannabis industry will provide guidance to ensure the company’s short and long-term success.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and successful businessman, Matthew is the co-founder of several cannabis companies including Bloom Dispensaries, Tryke companies, Reef Dispensaries, Ignite Cannabis Co and Green Axis Capital. He is highly regarded in the cannabis industry as an innovator and thought leader. He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and has a demonstrated history of bringing businesses to scale quickly and profitably.

Matthew Morgan stated, “I’m always looking for what’s next and who’s at the cutting edge of exciting opportunities. When Mark explained his vision for Cannaland, to bring cannabis into the Metaverse, I immediately recognized the potential of this venture. From the outset, I was attracted to the company’s strong vision as an innovator in the fast-growing “Metaverse-as-a-service” market. The market opportunity is massive, and this is only the beginning. I’m thrilled to join the strong Cannaversetech organization.”

Mark Bonner, CEO at Cannaverse Technologies added, “We are excited to have Matthew join Cannaversetech™. Matthew adds depth to our talented team, planning the future intersection of the metaverse and cannabis industries. It’s a unique opportunity for us to partner with a pioneer of the cannabis industry who with his many successes shares our vision for the future of cannabis in Web 3.”

Cannaversetech™ has created Cannaland™ a complete cannabis-themed community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sale, and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by residents of the community. Cannaland’s Metaverse has an innovative approach to community building, revenue generation, and product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising for cannabis brands looking to distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded physical marketplace opening the landscape for the globalization of current and future cannabis brands.

For more information about Cannaversetech™ and Cannaland™ products and services, please visit them at

About Cannaverse Technologies:

Cannaverse Technologies, the creator of Cannaland™, the world’s first cannabis Metaverse and pioneer in cannabis product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising with an innovative blockchain payment system, is empowering cultivators, growers, testing labs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical dispensaries, and consumption lounges with the ability to scale and monetize their brands while directly addressing the existing gaps in the cannabis industry. Cannaversetech™’s meta marketplace on the blockchain revolutionizes the global cannabis industry by connecting every facet of the cannabis and hemp communities in a Metaverse environment.

For more information please contact: Mark Bonner, CEO, [email protected]


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