Cannaland empowers businesses with key services in cannabis metaverse

Dec 13, 2022

Dec. 13, 2022 | CoinTelegraph

Cannaland is an all-encompassing cannabis-themed metaverse, offering the industry’s first brand-centered solutions to help businesses establish a foothold in the budding cannabis market. Launched in Q4 2022, Cannaland is uniquely positioned to encourage conversational marketing that helps move the needle for all brands looking to enter the cannabis market.

But it doesn’t stop there; Cannaland has built an ecosystem that grants businesses control over every aspect of their product experience from creation to distribution. Thanks to its trailblazing end-to-end assistance for product marketing, positioning and merchandising, Cannaland empowers businesses to engage with consumers and optimize their product introduction, brand awareness, consumer loyalty and sales on a worldwide virtual stage.

New product launches solutions to hit the jackpot

With all of the factors that go into launching a new product, it’s often hard for businesses to know where to start. When it comes to the brand-new frontier that is Cannaland — any semblance of confidence can easily go up in smoke. Fortunately, Cannaland keeps things simple by offering:

Virtual real estate — Cannaland’s virtual world is made up of locations that brands can purchase as storefronts or entertainment venues. When users visit these spaces, they are likely to see products and events featured by the brand which may help increase customer engagement and product sales. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to build out their own intimate hub in Cannaland that serves as an extension of their brand and identity.

House of Brands — In a joint effort with InterContinental Beverage Capital, Cannaland opened the House of Brands virtual venue, a space that encourages collaboration where consumers and brands can come together to brainstorm ideas on brand creation, innovation and more. It’s an excellent tool for Cannaland residents who want to discover the next great cannabis product or business venture. Participants are able to learn more about what these brands offer, how they fit into their lives and why they should choose them. Naturally, brands can also utilize House of Brands to connect with consumers about their product or service offerings.

Metaverse cross-pollination — Cannaland will offer cross-pollination with other metaverses in the market. By doing so, brands will be able to connect with consumers in more ways than ever before. Brands will enjoy massively bolstered outreach through exposure to consumers they didn’t have access to before. Cannaland will help brands navigate the use of immersive experiences like virtual tours, product demos and virtual pop-up stores, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Beyond that, there are plenty of other routes brands can take when it comes to new product introduction. From advertising, product placement and branded wearables like shirts to virtual real estate available for purchase, stand-alone retail venue stores, billboards and even naming rights for streets and landmarks, there’s an abundance of strategies and opportunities to take advantage of from a business marketing perspective.

The ultimate customer experience

Cannaland is second to none when it comes to new product launches, but that’s just one part of what makes this virtual cannabis metaverse so effective as a one-stop shop. The other part is the recognition that engaging with customers, listening to them and responding in a timely manner can be more valuable than just making a sale.

Cannaland has developed a series of cannabis sommeliers that leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to autonomously answer questions that consumers may have about a product. They’re designed to provide the ultimate consumer experience that helps brands deliver on their promises, improve product quality and create the kind of brand loyalty that’s increasingly rare in today’s world. It’s indicative of a business-to-consumer culture that is deeply inclusive and allows for brands to connect with their consumers on a deeper level than just their financials.

Cannaland has taken an approach that allows brands to stand out from the crowd by offering customers an experience that goes beyond just selling goods. With that being said, it’s about time to get started, so join the world’s leading cannabis metaverse community!

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Cannaland is the world’s first cannabis-focused metaverse with a vibrant community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sales and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by its users. Cannaland uses its expertise in blockchain, crypto and the cannabis industry to create a virtual marketplace and economy, where the Cannaland Token (CNLT) is the primary currency for transactions.

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